Our Governance

Our Board

Our Digital Infrastructure Group Board of Members are  aligned to ensure that digital technology and infrastructure is considered at every opportunity to enhance and enrich both residents and businesses. Comprising individuals from all six Berkshire Local Authorities, this assembly fuels innovation, fosters strategic alignment, and drives digital and technological growth.

This Board brings multifaceted perspectives to the table, weaving a tapestry of insights that navigates complex challenges. Their collective wisdom fuels informed decision-making, enabling agile responses to dynamic market shifts.

The DIG Board transforms challenges into opportunities, drawing on the deep reservoir of expertise to steer residents and businesses towards undiscovered horizons. With a finger on the pulse of digital and technology trends and a commitment to excellence, this board empowers the region to be fit for the future.

You can read more about the work we have been doing on our latest Year End Review.

Board Members:

Chair: Nigel Lynn - West Berkshire Council

Deputy: Savi0 De Cruz - Slough Council

Member: Chris Mansfield - Bracknell Forest Council

Member: Shasta Parveen - Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead

Member: Martin Chalmers - Reading Borough Council

Member: Sam Robins - West Berkshire Council

Member: Nicky Phillips - Wokingham Borough Council

Project Team

DIG Programme Manager: Lynne Wilson

Digital Infrastructure Project Officer: Amanda Carruthers

Digital Infrastructure Project Communications: Rob Pocock 

Mini DIG's

We have established 6 Mini Digital Infrastructure Groups (DIG) across the region that are a dynamic sub-group within the larger framework dedicated to catalysing digital transformation on a focused local scale. Its mission is to drive increased digital investment, elevate digital infrastructure, and pave the way for comprehensive digital inclusion.

The Mini DIG’s operate with precision, focus and agility, harnessing targeted strategies to bolster investment in digital services and infrastructure. They act as digital champions working across multiple service areas within the authority.  By fostering collaborations with stakeholders across all business areas and projects, it identifies and seizes opportunities to funnel knowledge and resources into digital initiatives that lay the foundation for sustained growth and enhanced technological improvement.

At its core, a Mini DIG acts to ensure that digital adoption is considered at each opportunity by using the Digital Adoption Strategy to drive and improve services and infrastructure. Through joined up planning and execution, it engineers pathways that elevate connectivity, speed, and reliability. This infrastructure overhaul serves as the backbone for future innovation, setting the stage for a seamless digital experience.

However, the Mini DIG’s commitment extends beyond the technical realm. It champions digital inclusion as a non-negotiable principle. By designing programs and policies that address barriers to access, it seeks to ensure that the benefits of the digital revolution are accessible to all.

Here you can view the Terms o f Reference that we use for running a Mini DIG.

In essence, the Mini DIG is a focused dynamo propelling the overarching mission of creating a truly Connected Berkshire. With a laser focus on inclusion, infrastructure, and investment, it serves as a testament to the fact that impactful change often stems from a dedicated collective acting as a beacon of progress in the digital landscape. Berkshire is truly open to the digital future, creating a Connected Berkshire: Now. Tomorrow. Beyond.





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Connected Berkshire: Now. Tomorrow. Beyond.