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14 February 2024

4G Signal Improvement Trial at The Six Bells in Beenham

4G Signal Improvement Trial at The Six Bells in Beenham

Vodafone, and Digital Infrastructure Group (DIG), who represent all six Berkshire Local Authorities, are pleased to announce a joint initiative aimed at enhancing Vodafone 4G signal in a rural Berkshire community using latest mobile technology.

The equipment has been installed at the iconic Six Bells Pub in Beenham, a central hub for locals, businesses, and visitors alike. The beautiful rural community has until now suffered from unreliable mobile coverage. After discussions between the Landlord Nigel Hopes , and the Berkshire Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) the issues around lack of a reliable mobile data signal were brought to the attention of DIG to see what could be done to enhance coverage.

DIG joined forces with Vodafone, who are based in Newbury, to conduct a 4G signal improvement trial, using latest network technology with the aim of boosting Vodafone 4G coverage for customers, both working or visiting The Six Bells and living within an approximate 150 metre range of the pub. Following ongoing conversations with the wider community, there may also be an opportunity for other Beenham residents and community hubs to ‘adopt’ their own small cell to extend the 4G coverage across the village.

The project uses OpenRAN technology which is a radio access network system that allows interoperation between cellular network equipment provided by different vendors. The small cell OpenRAN unit, about the size of a shoebox, is attached to a dedicated Vodafone broadband line and placed on the pub’s chimney.

Peter Rodriguez, Vodafone UK’s South Regional Manager said: "We are excited about the potential of the technology in Beenham. Mobile connectivity is essential for communities and businesses to thrive. However, rural and remote locations may miss out due to the complexity of delivering network coverage, the geography of the area or difficulties with obtaining the relevant planning permissions. Being able to help this community, right on our doorstep, with our latest small cell technology is something we jumped at the chance to do. I’d like to thank The Six Bells for offering to host the trial and I look forward to seeing the transformation it brings to their business and wider Beenham community.”

Lynne Wilson, Programme Manager, Digital Infrastructure Group commented: "We are delighted to partner with Vodafone on this initiative, and we believe that the positive impact of improved mobile connectivity will extend beyond communication to drive economic growth and business opportunities in the area”.

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About Digital Infrastructure Group:
Digital Infrastructure Group (DIG) specialises in delivering digital infrastructure solutions across Berkshire Local Authorities, including connectivity and telecommunications services. With a dedication to advancing digital connectivity, DIG collaborates with industry leaders to address the evolving needs of communities and businesses.

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